“With the increasing complexity of various systemic diseases, it is appropriate to discuss the background of their pathogenesis. Autonomic dysregulation with poorly defined multisystem disorders frequently present a challenging clinical situation for medical practitioners [1,2]. With the absence of any discernable cause, together with insufficient research on this increasingly prevalent phenomenon, many presentations
of this form of “idiopathic multimorbidity” are often eventually assumed to be of psychogenic origin, and pharmacological interventions in the form of psychoactive substances are common [3,4]. A case study from our dental practice* supports the need for a wider pathogenetic perspective in cases of  eurological dysregulation. Here, we will describe a case of recurrent syncope in a young woman. Her case demonstrated
the typical symptoms, namely fainting with a brief loss of consciousness and muscular strength, characterised by rapid and unpredictable onset, short duration, And Spontaneous Recovery. Given The Unclear Aetiology, We Associate This Case With The Phenomenon Of Avascular And Aseptic Osteolytic, Inflammatory Processes In The Jaw, Which May Also Be Collectively Referred To As “Silent Inflammation”. “

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